Friday Recap.

28 Sep

Week 2!

Week 2 was a bit of a blur with a holiday taking up 1.5 days of my week, but I managed to knock off everything on my list.
To recap, here was this weeks list:
1. Auto payments – NOT COMPLETED, I’ll try to get it set up this weekend.
2. GO TO THE GYM – DONE! I’m super excited about this one. I joined and went on the same day. (Thanks to my babysitting sister. :))
3. Make 1 crock pot dish and 1 soup (for Z) – DONE AND DONE. I made General Tso crock pot chicken. So easy! If I knew it was this easy I would’ve pulled out that crock pot a long time ago.
4. Organize my incoming mail/papers – IN PROGRESS, started looking at ideas and I bought a some storage boxes.

I’m pretty happy with everything so far. I set some goals for myself and I’m making them happen. And bonus, I’m keeping up this blog. I’ve also been working on a couple blog posts that I’ll add on to next weeks to do.

So here’s week 3:

1. Finalize 2 blog posts and being working on blog design – The 2 blog posts I’m working on are part of my ‘organizational makeover,’ so they’ll be a huge help in moving me forward.
2. New crock pot recipe and cookie recipe for Z – I’d love to learn a new recipe for us and Z every week.
3. Go to the gym at least twice.
4. Return items – I have at least 2 bags full of store returns.
5. Clean spare bedroom and closet – this room has become a catch all of laundry, clothes and just stuff.

Let’s do this.


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